Ai6 from Collective Clarity

Computerised Investing


Any Time, Anywhere, Anyone.

Take Control of
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Man and Machine make money

Collective Clarity's Ai6

Used by us to trade financial markets


Discovers, manages and monitors investments.


Portfolio Manager monitors each position.


We trade our own accounts exclusively.


We have no annual fees or redemption fees.

Three ways, it happens

Market Signals

Market Alerts and Signals.Any device, anywhere, anytime.

Daily reported alerts and signals, designed for Individuals, Fund Managers, Trading Offices, Trading Funds, Corporates, Robo Advisers, Customer relations and Wealth Management.

Click, Tap, Done

Precise Reporting.Trading conditions.

The Algorithms report daily signals, analysis of open positions and the results of closed positions. Easy monitoring and alerts on previous reports. Stay in tune with markets and be fully informed.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager.Redefines Investing and Trading.

Analysis of 'buy and hold' compared to using the algorithms of Ai6. Long term investing, short term trading, analysis, alerts, risk control, portfolio scrutiny and monitoring.

Price Moves Per Day
Markets Analysed
Performance Tests
News Influences

"Covers Nasdaq 100, FTSE and other markets."


Ai6 uses Artificial Intelligence

Adapting to prevailing conditions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence.Ai6 is more accurate and faster.

Behind the scenes Ai6 algorithms select potentially advantageous positions. Rules are derived from market movements and adapt over time as markets change.

Incredible Speed

Incredible speed.Light years faster than humans.

Tens of thousands of events automatically watched every day, over 1,000 times more than human capabilities keeping you protected and informed.

Constant monitoring

Constant Monitoring.Unparalleled Scrutiny.

Real time information and intelligent news modelling captures minute changes that adapt to real time events examined for positive influences or otherwise.