Blog - Are AI's Really Dumb?

Are AI's really dumb?

Human Artificial Intuition

Premise: AI’s are really dumb.

"AI’s are really dumb". Source: “Yoshua Bengio”, New Scientist June 8th 2019. (Yoshua Bengio is often cited as one of the founding fathers of Artificial Intelligence and recently was awarded the A.M. Turing Award) "

So why would you trust A.I. to manage your investments?

In short you should’t

But wait, there is a way.

However, what you should do is take advantage of the speed, accuracy and sheer enormity of analytics volumes that ‘A.I.’ technologies provide for us in order to gain superior results faster.

Some of the best stock pickers in the world are getting it wrong without using A.I. And we see that consistently.

Collective Clarity has developed a technology product called Ai6 specifically for use in trading financial markets

It is an extremely competent technology with built in methodologies that watch for hidden patterns, difficult to spot similarities and unusual changes in price movements that suggest a price move is coming in a particular direction.

So far, it’s been used to an accuracy of 80%.

What does it really mean?

A human being (such as a fund manager) can watch about a dozen stocks in real time when the markets are open. A computer-based analysis system like Ai6 can monitor 1,000’s of stocks all at the same time. That is a huge increase in efficient and proficiency.

The thought that ‘AI’s are really dumb’ really only applies to examples like humans being beaten by computerised chess players, in this case that is all the computer can do so very limited in a real world. You won’t find many car welding robots playing chess. It’s the same for all A.I. products, they are all specific and that’s the key.

That’s the great opportunity for improvement when a human is using it. Imagine being your fund manager now capable of following 1,000 times more stocks finding more opportunities than before and faster.

That is a major disruption of the way Fund Managers operate. From now on the Fund Manager is managing real opportunities not waiting around for a few.

Fund Managers become super human traders covering an enormous number of potential investments almost immediately. A.I. can expand their universe almost instantaneously.

So how does it work?

Ai6 uses a comprehensive suite of calculations (i.e. Proprietary Algorithms of Collective Clarity) with unique settings that have been proven to predict investments (i.e. trades) that are profitable under certain market conditions. (both Long and Short)

From a ‘stable’ of approximately twenty-eight options, Ai6 uses the current six most profitable above an 80% threshold which are used in live trading and this is constantly monitored for changes.

There is a very important point to make: there is no reliance on one (or a few) large profitable trades, or one large (or a few) months or one large (or a few) years. We don’t use statistical outliers to create profitability.

Ai6 results have also been tested over 20 years under all market conditions which correlate with these results.

So, while individual ‘A.I.’s might be dumb’, specialised distinct components are certainly not. In Ai6 you should certainly trust! Ultimately, in these circumstances you certainly need to follow Ai6 and its A.I.

Ai6 is an extremely efficient way of transforming any investment managers performance by expanding their investment universe and opening new trading opportunities.

Now is an opportunity to be involved. Collective Clarity is currently fund raising in its final round, raising finance to complete the registrations necessary for a regulated Hedge Fund, to complete software components and provide working capital. It is expected to offer a minimum of a x10 return at exit within three years with returns coming after two years through dividends.

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