June 2019, About Collective Clarity and Ai6

Collective Clarity is a Software Company specialising in Computerised trading applications for financial trading.

We believe that 'Artificial Intelligence' needs the Human touch.

We trade our own accounts and a small number of private accounts.

Collective Clarity has developed Market Modelling software that provides three advantages:

    1. Our A.I.6 systems select the most advantageous algorithm settings which are continuously monitored for accuracy.  We will always maintain the best and most efficient settings that determine great results. 

    2. As data changes over time and its effect varies according to circumstances and context,  our systems are continually being modeled so that the configurations morph over time. 

    3. The ‘fast start’ mechanism provides for a collection of human knowledge, innovation and expertise to be added to initial rules and intuitively tested over time. 

Collective Clarity believes this technology to be a unique differentiation of enormous importance in the adoption of Machine Learning applications. It means that A.I. retains its ‘intelligence’ automatically while also monitored though human involvement.

The software provides enormous potential productivity gains for professionals typically honing in on the most important information gleaned from millions of data points. Using its analysis speed and accuracy presents the professional with better information, faster than previously possible.

Collective Clarity The technology

Artificial Intelligence with Speed, Understanding & Coverage for Real Time Analysis Applications.

Unique Market Modelling

Remove Uncertainty

Machine Learning Algorithms Remove uncertainty, remain confident and morph over time. Win the 'zero sum game'.

Event Models show that every previous traded position of the same conditions has always resulted on an 80% correct call.

News & Text Understanding

Lightening Speed

Reads & understand thousands of items in less than 0.1 second Incredible assimilation in real time

Being able to assimilate information, fast is crucial in financial markets. Knowing how it will affect stocks, commodities or currencies is exactly what we do.

Ensemble Algorithm Speed

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence that works at lightening speedWith unparalleled accuracy

Collective Clarity's machine learning software is continuously monitoring, updating, adapting to current market conditions. Yesterday may be the opposite today.