How to build outstanding wealth

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First, the 'Master List" starter pack begins your journey.

As a member of the Azaries training programme, you will follow a self pace video training programme that is supported daily with updates, videos, trend analysis, market direction and many other supporting materials.

The process follows a detailed plan. This means using some capital to invest in your 'Master List' of financial trades.

Your master list consists of stocks that form a basket to review or use our signals from the list we create for you. Creating a second income is all part of the course. We show you all the way. Some recent examples from our lists include:

AMEH gained 40%.

MRNA gained 35%.

BIDU gained 31%.

Second, the investing phase

Study Anywhere AnytimeWhile you will hold the initial and profitable stocks for a limited time, some are held longer.

These are the 'golden nuggets' that go on growing and may well become massive gains in the longer term. So, as your initial master list makes money for you, the process continues. Importantly, initial stock traded act like a 'fishing net', gathering in and disposing or holding only the best ones.

As time progresses, your longer term holds keep building your wealth. Your wealth portfolio will continue to grow. Starting with just a few, over the weeks and months this number grows. Meanwhile your fishing net keeps looking.

Don't we all wish we bought Amazon at $30? Imagine having a few others too? This is the objective, a selective few that build significant wealth which continue to grow.

Third, repeat and follow the Azaries Programme:

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Watch the introduction video for the details.

A note for you: we believe that our customers should share in the success of our programme. With exponential growth possible, a modicum of patience, an Azaries training course and the rest will follow. See the share plan for more.