Stock TraDing - Why Algorithms?

Ai6 Algorithms identify investment opportunities

Note: Ai6 software is only available to approved sources.

Algorithms are calculations based on data feeds that produce results to anticipate what the market or symbol will do next.

There are literally thousands of ways this can be achieved. Standard 'indicators' perform calculations and the resulting analysis is used to tell traders what might happen next.

The bottom line though is that the market will do what it wants rather than what we think. That's why, in our tests, indicators work sometimes and other times they do not.

Ai6 Algorithms are also changing as time passes. For example, optimal settings are used when the market behaviour dictates particular variable indicator settings. Ai6 has six long and six short algorithms that keep you on the right side whatever the market personality.

6 AlgorithmsComputerised investment analytics perform millions of calculations at light speed, far more than any human counterpart.

6 Algorithms

Very SelectiveUncovers the best opportunities from markets world-wide where investment performance demonstrate superior results.


Personalised Risk ManagementMatches your personal investment objectives, market preferences and risk profile to the finest appropriate opportunities.


Technology takes the strain by analysing vast quantities of information, like this:


Investment objectives

Ai6 modelling takes in relevant information to understand the best trading opportunities. This covers many aspects of volatility, price movements and risk. Variable settings produced customised results.


Discovers the best opportunities.

Opportunities reflect what is happening in the markets. It's a continuous process that informs you of any changes as new information becomes available and trades are confirmed.


Trading and Position Rules

Trading rules dictate when trades are taken, closed or re-entered. Risk is therefore minimised on all positions. Position rules are an inherent part of trading to ensure that profits are maximised and risk eliminated.

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