What is an Adaptive Algorithmn?

"Components of an Adaptive Algorithmn"

Human Artificial Intelligence

How does this adapt?

Take any standard chart, overlay an indicator or two, maybe an average(s) and it soon becomes cluttered and unreadable. Add different timeframes and changed variables and the differences in settings can number millions.

Consider this:

1. Computers are gaining speed, very quickly. But even so, we are still years behind real intelligence. Yes, we have fast medical analysis, we have robots that weld, computers that play chess but the aren't any that can do any two let alone all three of these tasks. Speciality yes but not cross subject.

2. With faster computers comes better and faster data mining. We use systems that run millions of settings an hour. With this you can delve into price movements by the billion, check the results of indicators every few seconds, change sttings and re-run results all of which might land you with a group of settings that actually work! But wait, this isn;t the aim is it? yes and No. You need consistencym, without heavy bias or relioance on a single or few results and for sure you'll need a low drawdown on capital.

3. Meantime, the market changes its volatility and the results go the wrong way. Start over, rerun it all and chanmge the settings until they work again if you have the time and they can be changed for sure to your advantage. Not easy in the heat of battle. Even more difficult when some stange news events sends everyon diving for cover. Like it or not, whatever your opinion, seasonality plays a pivotal role.

4. While you keep an eye on whats going on, remember that whatever you're using, it has to work across many symbols. .

Collective Clarity's H.A.I.

Collective Clarity’s systems contain an 'ensemble algorithm’. Much like the examples above we use the most effective Machine Learning technique for the job in hand. And sometimes we use more than one.

Collective Clarity's Human Artificial Intelligence (HAI) delivers real performance benefits which can make the Robot Stock Picker a real genius.

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