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How does Machine Learning work?

Like this:

Human Artificial Intelligence

Collective Clarity’s technology is built on using multiple Machine Learning algorithms that configure and manage optimal performance.

It learns how/when/where/what improvements can be applied and then continues to adapt the components in order to continually improve while the context or environment changes.

The technical metaphor can be thought of as a ‘magic eye’ similar to the popular wall pictures that appear to the untrained eye as a mirage of dots. When you know the technique it’s easy. Once we know how to look at magic images they become clearer faster. Similarly Collective Clarity’s software first discovers the optimal solution to ‘how’ and then adapts to improve speed, accuracy and clarity.

Does this apply to all markets?

Yes, much like the human thought process, the software uses the best tools available in order to understand and solve or find an answer to a question.

It also continuously monitors results and identifies where adjustments and improvements can be made. By learning how/when/where/what improvements can be applied the system continues to adapt to continually improve while the context or environment changes.

Does this work in any time frame?

Yes, whether it be 5 minutes or a month, the modelling components understand cause and effect in all facets of text and numeric information. Understanding text as an influence is crucial and integral part.

The software makes predictions by inference and interpretation derived from all the data so that a ‘watching brief’ is primed for any contextual changes in inference and therefore how it influences any time-frame results. For example, a weather forecast for rain may be good for gardeners, its poor for sun cream makers.

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