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Collective Clarity's Unique Human Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Proven Techniques and Methodologies

Tested, proven with continuous improvement to stay in line with the markets
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Collective Clarity’s Ai6 has been 'primed' with successful professional trader’s methodologies. They are subject to rigorous controls in order to maintain their profitability in each respective market. These techniques have never been released into the public domain and those traders have made $ millions in the markets. They continue today as active traders. The results have been tested and audited by Collective Clarity over a period of three years. Therefore you are among friends.

Although you will only read about the successful methods, we are constantly testing these and new variations to ensure we have continual success on a permanent platform. When we say that we have carried out 15 million tests in the last week, then we really have!

We used 6 main approaches, each designed for traders with different trading or investment objectives. Our line in the sand is an 80% success rate. Many may say that this seems an ambitious target; however we know that when the systems are lining up, then this has historically been easily achieved.

We use two prime time frames for trading
Daily to Monthly Trades - Term Trades
Designed for trades lasting a minimum of one day and occasionally much longer. Usually NASDAQ 100 stocks and other related growth stocks with selected momentum strategies coupled with seasonality. Sectors also come into play.
Weekly Trading for Long Term
Designed for trading over a few months to longer, a buy and hold strategy. Usually indexes, stocks and ETF’s. This is particularly applicable to wealth building strategies.

In many markets (e.g. currencies) it’s a zero sum game. This means for every trade, there are two sides; one is a winner and one is a loser. If you are one of the 80%+ who seem to lose, then someone has been taking you money very easily. This is another reason why we have an 80% threshold for our methodologies.